“Are You a Business Owner or Do You Just Have an Expensive Hobby?”

In 2012 Jackie Emmons found herself in a workshop where the facilitator asked exactly that question and she realized that this was the idea she’d been trying to put into words for years. Since starting her bookkeeping business from home in 2000, she’d known many business owners who didn’t make it and she hadn’t been able to put her finger on the cause. Something started to awaken in her and she realized that many of them really just didn’t know what they needed to know to make their businesses successful.

Since then, Jackie has put a lot of thought, time, and energy into developing new ideas, new products, and new programs. At first, these all revolved around teaching basic business skills to other small business owners – very important! But what she also found was that she possessed other gifts that could be used not only in the business community, but also helping people address some of the things they do that create lives that aren’t fulfilling and really don’t make them happy. She has now included programs that help people address their current financial reality and make changes that will lead them to joy and fulfillment in their lives and in their businesses.

JackieEmmons.com was born out of a desire to help others recognize the things they are thinking, doing, and believing on and UNconscious level that are creating a lack of abundance in their lives. Abundance means for more than finances – it’s in relationships, in your work, even in how much joy and love you are experiencing. Jackie combines her skills with Money with concrete tools she has developed to help you begin to see what’s really happening and start to move past the things that have held you back.

If you’re not happy with the life you’ve created up to now, you can change that. Are you willing to make that choice?

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Small Business Seminars

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Would you like to change your financial life? Many of us don’t have the kind of financial stability we desire and there is usually something you can do to change that, if you’re willing to choose. To see our programs and resources that can empower you to have a better relationship with money, click here.

Small Business Seminars

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