What would it take for you to make yourself a priority in your own life?

Jackie thought she had it all. A thriving business, a happy marriage, the respect of her peers. She was living her dream. There was only one problem. She was desperately unhappy... and she didn't even know it.

The sudden loss of her sister shook her entire world by its foundations. It triggered a massive transformation and completely changed her world. She has now become a Coach, Speaker, and Consultant and works with individuals & groups sharing what she’s learned to help them create lives that include joy and laughter, and businesses that give them a sense of fulfillment.

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Jackie completed her certification in Strategic
Intervention Coach Training through the
Robbins-Madanes Center in 2015 (based on
the strategies and work of Tony Robbins
and Chloe Madanes).

More important, she has been doing this work
her entire life without realizing it.



Having operated a successful accounting
practice for nearly 2 decades, Jackie
has become an expert at working with small business owners and the issues they face.

As a consultant, she has helped her clients determine the health of their businesses,
uncover theft and mismanagement...



Need a speaker for your event?

Jackie is a gifted story teller who touches the
hearts of her audience as she shares what
she’s learned in complete authenticity and
with incredible honesty. She speaks from
the heart with a vulnerability that is
rarely seen and creates a truly memorable experience.