Jackie Emmons  

started a bookkeeping business out of necessity in 2000. She needed to make a living while balancing the needs of her family and it seemed like the natural choice. What she didn’t know at the time was what she didn’t know – anything about starting and running a business! Over the next few years and with a lot of help from the “school of hard knocks”, Jackie learned a great deal and eventually became a successful business woman.

She comes from a family of teachers, nurses, farmers, and blue collar workers and learned the value and pleasure that come from being of service to others at a very young age. Over her years in business she’s incorporated those principles into her practice. She has faced many challenges including becoming a single mother at 17 and the struggles and poverty that are often part of that reality. With little more than incredible perseverance and the refusal to ever give up hope, she has created a life that she is proud of and that gives her tremendous joy and fulfillment.

Now, she has moved into a different arena – speaking and facilitating change for others in their lives and businesses. Jackie now works with individuals and groups, helping them create lives that include joy and laughter, and with business owners to create businesses that give them a sense of fulfillment. She is using her talents and experience to create tools, workshops, and programs that work with both the concrete business and financial knowledge she has gained and the mindset and energy with which you approach your life and business, to help you identify where you are “stuck” and move past whatever is holding you back.

Jackie believes that anyone can change their circumstances by simply using a different approach. “If you continue to do the things you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten. By simply changing your perspective and with a little bit of education you can create a new reality and when you do that, everything else must change.”