Goodbye 2015!!!

When I started this year, I thought “This is going to be a great year!” and in a lot of ways it absolutely has. I have done things that 5 years ago I never would have believed I could. I’ve released more “stuff” this year than I realized I was even carrying and that has made SO much more room for me to show up in my life. I’ve been asked to speak several times and my last talk “Illuminating Purpose” was for a SOLD OUT audience. I have officially opened my coaching practice, run several groups, and even run retreats – all with glowing reviews from the participants. WOW!!! There have been some HUGE wins.

I have also lost people that I truly didn’t believe I could lose, grieved deep losses I’ve never allowed myself to feel, and have cried more tears in just the last months than I knew I could cry. Those things were definitely not as much fun.

The key, I think, is in realizing that there is always a combination of good and bad, easy and hard, laughter and pain. If life were all light with no darkness I suspect we may not be able to appreciate the light so well. And we can choose to handle ourselves in the most difficult of times with dignity and grace or we can choose to be grumpy and miserable. And both are absolutely ok! We are not required to paste on a happy face to make other people think we will be ok. We WILL BE ok, and the reason I needed to grieve those deep things I’ve never allowed myself to feel was because I’d always pasted on a happy face to make other people think I would be ok! I know it’s not always appropriate or smart to wear your heart on your sleeve, but in the privacy of my own home I will allow myself the space to feel what I feel so I can release it and move on. This is a promise I make to myself.

Last night, as I was trying to go to sleep, I found myself pondering the year and the transitions I’m working through and then I asked myself, “What are 3 things I want to take away from this year and hold onto?” Here they are:

  1. A good pillow and a heating blanket can provide more warmth on a cold night than anyone who is incapable of recognizing your brilliance, your beauty, your sheer awesomeness ever could.
  2. No matter what life throws at me, I triumph! I may get knocked down, but I ALWAYS get back up and am smarter and more resilient from the learning.
  3. I am STRONGER, more CAPABLE, more POTENT, and more MAGICAL than I ever realized was possible!

What are you going to take with you into this new year that has yet to be created? Is 2016 going to be an amazing year? ABSOLUTELY!! Will it be bumpy? I’m certain at times it will, but if you choose it, you can get back up every time you get knocked down, smarter and more resilient from the learning.

Thank you for your time, your interest, and your love in 2015. I look forward to seeing more of you in the coming year!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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  1. Amanda Brown December 31, 2015

    Happy New Year Jackie!!! Thank you for your inspiring words and for sharing your journey of healing with us. You my dear, have changed and grown into an even more beautiful spirit, which I didn’t think was possible. Wishing you all the best. Xoxo


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